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And the stupid "All New" or "New: Some of that is now stripped out in the downloaded EPG that we have, but that is the sort of thing that SD is supposed to not have. So I am hoping that SD may eventually also do the Sky channels, but as demand for that is likely to be low, I think it is unlikely. The problem I have with changing over to SD is that it is very likely that their programid data will not match what I have in my database from many years of recordings.

So I will once again be getting lots of repeats recording themselves. It seems to be working well now, and if a missing channel turns up in the downloaded EPG, I do not have to change anything as the processing is all automatic. • View topic - Coupons?

It does make my EPG collection take a bit longer though. On Tue, Aug 30, at I'm not a developer, and I've got schedules direct up and running on my Ubuntu Back everything up first! Install xmltv 0. There are 4.

[mythtv] Application Report (MythTV)

I chose to use a "channels" config, rather than a "lineup" config because I wanted a more fine-grained control over my listings. I don't know whether this is worthwhile or not.

This creates a. In the end, I created two links in.

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This allows for different channel configs between satellite and terrestrial. Do not click configure. Do not check the "use EIT" box. You should not need to scan for new channels or do any other configuration here. Do not fetch channels from listing source. Channel editor. It would be better to edit your existing channels to include the Schedules Direct channel IDs. Again, there may be a better way of doing it, but I edited each channel one by one.

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I am not an expert, this is simply what has worked for me. The Schedules Direct data does seem to be of a higher quality, and my recording rules still seem to work.

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When the Grab complete line prints, from the 1st window copy the temporary file for later examination the original file will be removed when mythfilldatabase finishes. Jump to: Retrieved from " http: Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion.

Views Read View source View history. This page was last modified on 24 May , at Free Trial 7-day trial starts automatically upon signup. Includes access to Listings Services. No need to pay or provide any CC info. If it doesn't work out, just let your account expire.

Nothing charged or invoiced automatically. Only available to natural persons no corporations. Good for those people who need more than the 7 day free trial but aren't quite ready to commit to a full year. Does not auto-renew.