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Your review in a nutshell. Give us all the details. I never liked yogurt until Activia.


It's light, creamy and tastes so good. I can't wait to eat one every day. It feels good in the gut. Bloated feeling and flatulence as good as gone and bring better regularity to bathroom visits, it helps with constipation! The yogurt is a fresh start to my morning routine. Great taste and has taken me away from fat high cereals. Activia Fruit at the Bottom is awesome. I tried the Activia Fruit at the Bottom and it was fantastic. Such a nice taste and so smooth. I now eat it everyday. Loved the taste not too tart nor too sweet.

I tried most of the flavours, each one is good or better than the other.

Dannon Activia Coupons | Free Yogurt Drink + More :: Southern Savers

I ate less desserts and supplemented it with Activia. Great choice.

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I did not feel guilty yet satiated! I was put on antibiotics and was recommended to eat probiotics to help. Since eating Activia I now eat it on a regular basis. I surely do recommend probiotics.

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Highly recommend all Activia products. They are very good for your gut health! Its flavor and richness of creamy yogurt is irresistible. Also I am getting live probiotic that help in restoring the health of a compromised gut. We are made of almost 3 trillion bacteria and we need to look after them. Long live the probiotics! Great tasting - Smooth and Creamy. A light, refreshing yogurt that tastes great and provides benefits for health.

Discount coupons

The fruit on the bottom is delicious. Didn't think I'd like the texture but it's my new favourite hands down. Mixed fruit or strawberry everyday for breakfast and often a before bedtime snack. I love the taste. It's fun to mix the fruit on the bottom to get a nice smooth flavourful snack. I like having a healthy snack. I really liked the new Fruit on the Bottom, it's nice to have a contrast of fruit and plain yogurt. Great flavors though I would love to see a Cherry one. Fantastic flavour and consistency.

After eating the yogurt every day for a few weeks, I feel better. I'm feeling better than I ever did. I started eating Activia Fruit in the Bottom almost three weeks now. I no longer feel tired and bloated all the time. Thank you Activia.

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I walk dogs for a living and can't stand the feeling of a huge breakfast before work If you're looking for a sweet, post-meal snack or dessert, this might be a good option. It tastes so yummy and creamy and I love the fruit at the bottom, it has a rich fresh taste. Absolutely delicious! Creamy and easy to eat. Texture was smooth. Variety of flavours was good. I always have yogurt in the house, never leave the store without it. I have yogurt every day and most times twice daily, love the texture, flavour and size.

I really like the taste and texture. The probiotic helps to settle my tummy. Amazing even my 1 year old loves it!!! This is an amazing product not only for its health reasons, but for its taste. My 1 year old daughter loves her Activia with mommy and daddy! The product taste great. The serving is just right.

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It makes you feel full. It was like eating something clean and delicious. Above all, it makes you feel healthy inside. Absolutely my all-time favourite!! Such a great combination of creamy texture and flavours. Each bite is extremely waterful! I never used to eat much yogurt but Activia makes it easy and delicious! So tasty even my little one liked it.

I have less stomach discomfort since taking Activia. I also have more physical energy. Submit questions, comments, advertising inquiries or deals using the form below. You can also just email me to share a good find or even say "Hello! Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message.

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  4. Sweepstakes — Find all the current sweepstakes offered for Publix shoppers. Shopping List Help — Need help on how to use the shopping list feature? Go here to see how it works! Close Coupon Database Close. We have a nice deal on Dannon Activia Yogurt at Publix. Use the coupon to get the four pack for a buck. I looked and did not see it on sale right now. You can save the coupon for a sale or grab inexpensive yogurt if you need it now. Thanks to Steph at Printable Coupons and Deals. I am not sure I have ever been this busy on a Friday night!

    Hold your hats guys Target Coupon. Thanks to Tracy at Having Fun Saving. The printable coupon sites all reset yesterday. I shared lists of the good ones available yesterday. If you haven't already printed you might want to head over and grab what you like. Some of the good ones have already disappeared. I thought I would share some of the deals I found using the new coupons.