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There was still a slight bulge between the legs, but not nearly as big as Huggies.

It also has a wetness indicator that lets you know when your baby might need a change. Freebies Canada is dedicated to providing the frugal shopper with listings of freebies, free samples and coupons for Canadians.

*NEW* Valuable Coupons: Pampers Diapers & Wipes ($8.50 Savings!)

Pampers is arguably the most recognizable brand of disposable diaper in the world. Pampers Coupons - Save with Jan. I created this page to help people find Pampers diaper coupons, If you have a coupon please share it with everyone. I love how they smell pre-baby of course, lol and having them just makes the upcoming baby seem that much closer to reality.

Our online coupons will save you money.

Start earning rewards with Pampers Rewards app in minutes! Download the app and sign in to your Pampers. Every time you shop and buy Pampers baby products like diapers and baby wipes, scan the code inside your Pampers package using the app. Get points for every purchase of Pampers baby care products. Redeem your reward points and choose from dozens of instant savings or gifts for you, your newborn baby, or your family.

Join the Pampers Rewards program and enjoy membership benefits like: You can earn points by shopping Pampers at any store including Amazon, Walmart, Shoppers, Loblaws, and more in-stores and online! Terms and conditions here: Join Pampers Rewards now! In the new version: We like time-savers too!

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The barcode on this new app works much better. Coupons are released through the Very Important Baby program via the optimum card promotion that can give you bonuses like 3, points when you buy a bag of Huggies. A few times a year, Shoppers Drug Mart has bonus redemption days, where the points are worth more to redeem. You might be wondering what Daily Deal websites have to do with buying diapers? Well, quite a bit.

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Plus, I love the deals available through Well. For smaller sized diapers, this can be a fantastic way to get cheap diapers. One of my last tips to save while saving money shopping for diapers is to shop the clearance rack. Huggies, Pampers and store brand diapers are often on the clearance rack when there are small packaging changes or when the store plans are being converted.

Shoppers Drug Mart is quite famous for this. Find the clearance rack at your local Shoppers Drug Mart and keep your eye on it. Using these tips, you might just want to reconsider the large box of diapers you are picking up with your Safeway trip each week. It just might be a few bucks worth saving.