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I got such a good deal. They canceled my order! I'll never shop here again. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I definitely will recommend the store from Sawgrass Mall to everyone I know. Thank you for bringing my smile back and making me feel again the Christmas spirit. I had bought 3 other dresses that same day besides these two dresses. I found her remarks to be condescending and rude.

Ordered a pair of UGG gloves as a gift with their "promised" next day delivery. I called the store and was told there was nothing they could do. The supervisor was rude and simply stated there was nothing she could do. I asked how was that when they do most millions of dollars in business with this company. It was not even troublesome to them that they use a company that in my experience have had multiple problems with. They use this company and promote free overnight shipping to get you to buy things from them and they do not care at all that this is not the case and offer nothing for your trouble.

Stay away from this company and from any company that uses FedEx. I applied for the Neiman Marcus credit card and went through all the criteria to get approved by the bank. When I received my card I went and made a purchase for Christmas. Their customer service is horrible. They would not put the order through saying I had to submit a pay stub and picture ID. I had no problem sending over a picture ID but a pay stub really. Terrible company and this is the first of many complaints I intend to make. We have been credit card NM customers for decades. We don't use the card hardly anymore due to the interest rate as of December, for Our credit is excellent so why such a high rate?

If we shop there at all we'll use a different cc card, it goes without saying.

It's not even worth the time to call and request a lower percentage; it's that aggravating. Their point system has also declined over the years. So much different than Nordstrom.

Extra 15% Off + Free Shipping Neiman Marcus Coupon

Neiman Marcus accepts returns but fails on customer service when it comes to shipping and keeping your money tied up for weeks. I shipped my return to the company late November from Colorado. It was received, according to tracking information, in Grapevine, Texas where it has sat for 10 days and counting. No information, updates or money back. Absolutely horrendous experience when compared to Amazon refund as soon as the item is scanned by the post office. This company doesn't care about customers of their retail clients as it does not have a phone system that will actually connect you with a Customer Service rep.

It took me 5 times to finally tell me that they couldn't place the gift card order over the phone. Online - does not work. Tried other credit cards, still saying it wasn't working. Chat guy, telling me to clean cache and to call number. Calling the for them to tell me to call the number. A lady Shauna, to tell me I got the right number but not the right extension. I got the right extension just to be told the same as the chat guy and that she "couldn't" place the order over the phone, finally someone told me that.

It will be so simply to avoid any headaches of wasting people time by saying, "Our online system is done through a 3rd party. System is down and NO, we don't place orders over the phone. I spent over an hour on this, time I could spend with my family. Thanks NM for your such great needless markup service. I ordered a shoes for my birthday dinner on November 23rd and I paid the 2 days shipping so I could get it on before my birthday. They did not do it and my money is gone. Bad customer service and very bad experience. I am highly dissatisfied. You guys can do better.

How you going to let a delivery guy drop a box with something expensive on the floor without nobody signing it? It was supposed to be a 2-day shipping. Tuesday morning rolls around, I waited patiently for the shipping information but none came. So I went onto their website for the live chat with an associate. She said there was a delay because it was being shipped out from a store instead of a warehouse. I was assured that the merchandise will be delivered by Friday.

I am furious and they tell me that they are sorry for the delay and will change the shipping to next-day shipping and I will have the coat by end of business day tomorrow. I checked my e-mail every hour, waiting for the shipping email, and at 3: I was furious and called NM and asked them how they can just cancel an order without even notifying me first. It took them 5 days after I placed my order to figure out that they do NOT have the merchandise in stock.

I ordered this coat during their Black Friday promotion. I have ordered the item from their website and been waiting more than one month. When I asked about the item via live chat, the answer was I had to wait without expected arrival date! This is how they respond to customers. No more Neiman Marcus. I bought 3 items. I returned 2 due to not fitting properly.

Neiman Marcus only refunded one item. They did not scan my parcel properly at the processing centre. They refused to honour their mistake. Never ever buy online from Neiman Marcus. They are incompetent and dishonest. I order online daily. Almost no issues ever.

I placed an order with NM on items that there was only one left. My card was authorized just fine. What in the world does that mean?

Cashback Comparison & Miles/Points Reward Comparison

No one called or tried to verify anything. Calling NM - first time I call "there is no one available to take your call. Second time I call it goes to a person that sounds like a robot and barely speaks English. They ask me the same questions 5 times, "wait" "wait" "wait". Seriously, tell me if it's canceled and why, it's not that hard.

Email states I need to place the order again. It won't go through this time. Screw all this, I'll stick to Bloomingdales! I recently received a catalogue for Horchow. In an effort to clarify the authenticity, I visited our local NM retailer. I was told that the Horchow product was likely a lower quality and that the price advertised could not be matched in store.

The associate was kind enough to call Horchow and confirmed in my presence that the products in catalogue and in store were the same quality. I attempted to get further clarification via live chat and over a one hour period; received contradictory information about the product I intended to buy. I was able to confirm in writing and was told the products were one in the same and indeed Match Pewter. I referenced the exclusions online and Match was not a vendor disclosed. I called customer service and they too were perplexed. I was not able to make a purchase today.

Needless to say I am disappointed, disillusioned, and no longer a consumer interested in doing business with the NM brands. I feel like their advertising was false and their customer service representatives although courteous and professional are set up to fail. The shipping department just sent the gel, not the very expensive device. When I called customer service to ask them to send me the device, they said that they couldn't do that and that I would have to send the gel back a hassle in and of itself.

They also said that they would only refund me my money once they got the gel back and then recharge my card for the device. The absolute worst shipping and customer service experience. I told them I just wanted a refund and that I will be taking my business elsewhere. Didn't receive my package but tracking shows delivered inside my mailbox.

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I called them and tells me to call back in 3 days because it is too early to file a claim. I've called them 4 times total with different information every time. It's almost been 20 days since supposedly my package was delivered and I just talked to Neiman today and they said a claim was filed last week. So what were they doing during the whole time? Everyone customer service rep is so rude on the phone! All they say is WAIT. OK, what am I supposed to be waiting for?

I placed an online order and paid with my credit card with no problems. Or so I thought. I then received an email from NM stating my credit card did not go through. I immediately called NM and verified my cc info and it was the same as what I have on my cc. I then turned around and called my cc company and verified I had placed the order with NM and it was approved again.

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I kept getting emails from NM stating payment was not going through. Click now to claim. Your search is over. The perfect pairing to your brand new outfit. Don't miss out on this set with this Neiman Marcus promo code. Buy a gorgeous wedding gift today when you shop these items at neimanmarcus. Click now for select styles! No Neiman Marcus promo code required. Pop Tom Ford when you shop Neiman Marcus today! Shoes, boots, heels, handbags, sunglasses, and optical frames. Step into luxury today! Neiman Marcus has some amazing deals for you!

Experience Chanel's seductive new fragrance, No. Shop in-store or order it online and get free shipping and free gift packaging. Save big on necklaces, earrings, watches and more during this Neiman Marcus event. Discounts are listed on the site, no Neiman Marcus promo code required—prices are automatically reduced when you click here! Let Neiman Marcus do the legwork! Their fashion-savvy personal shoppers know what's new, what's hot, and what you've already got. Who better to help curate the best looks and accessories just for you?

Contact your store for details. No need to worry about a promo code. Savings are automatically applied when you click here. Give the gift of style this holiday season with Burberry's line of scarves, sunglasses, handbags, and more. Take the hardship out of planning parties by leaving the appetizers, main dishes, sides, and desserts up to Neiman Marcus! They have everything you need to make your next party a success—from sage roasted potatoes to whole peppered turkeys to chocolate truffles.

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Candy dragon knee boots, Marmont velvet shoulder bags, and fin-de-siecle inspired thin scarves. They're all here, and you're the first to see them! Skip the standard party apps with Neiman Marcus's take on tamales.

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They follow a traditional recipe that includes stone-ground corn and top-quality meats. Oh, and they're gluten free! Get free beauty gifts with purchase of select items. Click here to see the current deals from Neiman Marcus.