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This particular point made me think how true this is for business in general. As a professional speaker , I have to develop new material on an ongoing basis. Without new material, the number of groups I could speak to would be limited and there would be no reason for organizations or companies to have me back to speak over and over again. Writing this blog twice a week has kept me attuned to changes in the marketplace and has helped me refine examples I use when speaking on various business topics. Successful fashion stores such as Ann Taylor have styles which are their bread and butter.

Then Ann Taylor sprinkles in new styles, colors and patterns throughout the store to enhance their consistent offerings. This is a great model for every business. At the same time, offer new products, new services, new ways to do business with you.

A few months ago I did a blog citing the clever names and signage of two pizza places, one in Washington DC and the other in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. Last night, we did just that.

Lucifers Pizza

Kudos to Adam the owner of Lucifers for the consistency throughout. The wallpaper above the wainscoating is right out of a haunted house as are the iron light fixtures, window covering and candleholders. The gargoyles and bats are not overdone and the flowers are black roses. Is your brand reflected throughout your business?

Top Lucifers Pizza Daily Deals in Los Angeles

How consistent are you with the message? The question is, does your target market know this? These values are communicated not only once you arrive and are handed a menu, but on their website and Facebook Fan Pages as well as Tweeted to followers.

Lots of businesses have to deal with the differences between consumerperception and the new reality. So what is a reasonable price for a stylish haircut, particularly for ladies? What discounts, bargains, specials or values are you offering in response to the change in spending habits of your customers? How are you letting people know? A catchy name — one that states what you offer AND sticks in your mind is good. If it is also clever — even fun — people will repeat it to their friends. The 2 examples are both pizza restaurants. We walked by the storefront one day and I had my husband, John Murphy , snap the photo on his iPhone for me because I like businesses with clever names.

Then on Saturday, after walking over 10 miles during the Rally , we got back to our hotel room hot and tired. It was pretty good pizza and they have a number of locations if you want to try them for yourself.

Tablecloth factory discount code

A week or so ago, while driving down Hillcrest Ave. The building was painted black with colorful flames across the front over the entrance. The name: This is excellent marketing on so many levels; the paint of the building is both eye-catching and relevant. The name with the pitchfork in place of a letter is clever.

Lucifers Pizza is top of the list to try next time we are in town, which is our case, is nearly every month. With the current economic and employment situation, more people than ever are electing to be self-employed. Hopefully something in these examples will serve as inspiration for your new business. This is a normal event, not something special for the national holiday. To my mind, you should then be staffed for each of those meals. On my visit there on Monday afternoon, table after table of guest were not served and then, when told they would have to go to the bar to order, table after table left and went elsewhere.

My husband, J ohn Murphy and I went along with the program and ordered at the bar.

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I had to move to 2 different place at the bar to avoid both the stench of garbage and the dozen plus bees. The bees were feasting on the generous overflow of sticky, sweet drinks and stale beer on the bar mat — obviously left from the night before. When I did finally find someone to take our order, he was great. We got our food quickly and it was really good.

Of course, then I had to go wait back with the bees for the bartender to return so I could ask for and pay our check. The moral of the story? Pay attention to the details and you can cook up success for your business. I love to sit outside to eat. Rather than park and go in to ask, or worse, ask to sit there only to find there is no server assigned to that area — I will often pass. We quickly detoured and enjoyed a very nice — and very pricey — breakfast at the Montage. Looking open and ready for business is the first step to getting business.

When tables are already set up with settings, customers are more likely to take that as an invitation and choose to join you. They lay the glasses down on the placemats using the slats of the wooden tables to keep them from moving. When they seat a guest, they simply stand up the glassware and they are ready to go. As business people we need to do everything we can to entice and invite customers to our door…or tables.

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Do you look open and ready for business from the moment you arrive until the time you close? Many businesses do internal tasks first and then turn on the open sign, put out the sandwich board or make up the outdoor table. Make the outward signs and signals your first priority each and every day, remind your staff to do the same. The customer is your focus , the e-mail and paperwork can wait! You can find us on balconies, patios and patches of grass everywhere! Does your restaurant, cafe, pizza joint, coffee shop, sports bar, neighborhood pub or wine bar have a patio?

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